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Wilsons Disease



Condition before the clinical trial Condition after the clinicale trial

Ruchika is a case of Wilson's disease tightness in her left upper and lower limb to such an extent that her daily activities like walking, standing without support stopped .She also had difficulty in mastication.. She lost her grip and release in both hands. Over the passing years her condition went on deteriorating. She tried for clinical trial from many places but there was no improvement in her condition. Her parents had lost al the hope.

Ruchika underwent stem cell on a trial basis. Being a progressive disease, there were minimum chances of her getting improvement. In just 2 weeks of stem cell Ruchika felt her reduced tightness and stiffness in her muscles and joints. Her muscle strength increased considerably. Her trunk control started improving. Her tremors have reduced to great extent. She has also developed confidence and has become more confident and interactive as noticed by her parents.

* Results may vary depending on their age, condition