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Our Training Program

Chaitanya Stem Cell Research Center offers training in disciplines of Basics Animal Tissue culture and stem cell biology and Regenerative Medicine. The organization has all the required infrastructure and excellent facilities for students.

Stem cell biology and Regenerative Medicine Program :-

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more stem cells. These Stem cells plays vital role in the regeneration.

Regenerative medicine, the most recent and emerging branch of medical science, deals with functional restoration of tissues or organs for the patient suffering from severe injuries or chronic disease. The spectacular progress in the field of stem cell research has laid the foundation for cell based therapies of disease which cannot be cured by conventional medicines. The indefinite self-renewal and potential to differentiate into other types of cells represent stem cells as frontiers of regenerative medicine. The transdifferentiating potential of stem cells varies with source and according to that regenerative applications also change.

The future of regenerative medicine depends on fully understanding the regenerative properties of stem cells.

Training modules:-

1) Animal Tissue Culture-Theory + Hands on
2) Stem cell biology and Regenerative Medicine- Theory + Hands on
3) Basics Clinical Research-Theory


1) Class 10,000 lab Infrastructure and class 100 Biosafety cabinet.
2) Bone Marrow transplantation unit
3) Food and Accommodation facility for students

Enquiry for Training

Chaitanya Stem Cell Research Center

Rahi Sakha Apt., S.No.133,
Pune - Sinhagad Road, Parvati,
Pune - 411 030.
Ph. No.: 020 - 24329666
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