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1. Chaitanya Stem Cell Research Center does not offer stem cell treatment or therapies. All statements, opinions, and advice provided by this website that relate to the provision of stem cell therapies and treatments are provided for educational information only. Such statements, opinions, and advice are not intended to solicit or induce any existing or prospective patient to participate in stem cell treatment or therapies.

2. It is important for anyone interested in stem cell treatment and therapies to do his or her own research, discuss such options with their treating physician, and make his or her own informed decision regarding stem cell research and research options.

3. Services that are deemed necessary for the research or diagnosis of the patient and determined as necessary or in the best interest of the management of the patient’s condition and any services that may be required at other specialized facilities outside of our center location.

4. Any emergency care that the attending physician or mid-level doctor believes should, in the best interest of the Patient, be provided by another Facility, will not be the financial responsibility of our center.

5. A referral to another specialty service or facility will be done in the best interest of the patient and our center, has no financial interest in referral facilities or specialist referrals.

6. Patients are expected to follow up with their primary care for continued medical management unless otherwise noted by the Chaitanya Stem Cell Research Center.

7. We are using comprehensive medical research for various disorders, however our management reserve rights to choose the right type of research as per condition of the patients.

8. We strives our best efforts to give effective rehabilitation and results for our patients.

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