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Jayashree Kale

Condition before the clinical trial Condition after the clinicale trial

Mrs Jayashree Kale diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis 2 yrs back. Since she was on steroids and DMARDs. But in spite the use of above drugs still she had multiple joints pain, morning stiffness, and weight gain. At that point she was angry, upset, and irritable from 2 years without sleep, raw skin all over her body, plus she was feeling the terrible side effects of all the drugs. Her ESR level was 42mm /hr before stem cell. She approached to Chaitanya Stem Cell Research Center for above complaints.

Here in our center she received 6 doses of stem cell. After one month, her body swelling subsided, morning stiffness also vanished. ESR level reduced to 19 mm /hr. Started losing the weight. Now she and her family is very happy with results.

* Results may vary depending on their age, condition